About the Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network

Vision and Goals

  • Develop a multi-site cancer trials network throughout Minnesota and increase access to cancer clinical trials close to home
  • Facilitate local access to clinical trials developed at Minnesota academic centers
  • Enhance provider and public knowledge of cancer clinical trial activity in Minnesota

Many cancer practices do not have the resources to establish the necessary infrastructure to conduct clinical trials. By bringing cancer clinical trials to those living in greater Minnesota MNCCTN:

  • Increases access to lifesaving and life-changing therapies and treatments
  • Strengthens healthcare systems
  • Creates more equitable access to care
  • Improves cancer outcomes throughout the state

In addition, access to a larger portion of the state's population helps researchers move successful treatments through the clinical trials process more quickly, advancing the time in which new treatments and cures are available to the general public.

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The challenge.

Solutions to grand challenges require cooperation; bringing together experts and resources. Healthcare organizations in Minnesota have some of the leading experts in cancer research and care. By working together, we can accelerate our work to a cure.

The impact.

MNCCTN has brought together these experts and resources to deliver cancer clinical trials to Minnesotans across the state. The benefits of the new cancer clinical trials network are threefold:

  1. Providing doctors with equitable knowledge of and access to new treatment options to enhance their understanding of the disease and increases options for patient care; 
  2. Improving patient outcomes by increased participation in clinical trials, and
  3. Expediting the reduction of the burden of cancer on Minnesotans by engaging a broader population in clinical research.

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