Faculty Flash Talk Competition

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With only three minutes, can you really:

  •   Engage and excite others with your research?
  •   Convince a potential donor to support your project?
  •   Explain and share your discoveries with a non-specialist audience?

The Flash Talk competition challenges you to present your research in just three minutes to a general audience. You will need to decide on the most important points of your research, craft an interesting and engaging narrative, then deliver in a clear, concise, and confident manner in three minutes or less using only one static PowerPoint slide.

All symposium attendees will vote for the best performance at the end of the competition, so bring your A game to win Top Flash Talk!

All competitors get to select an external speaker of their choice to host during the upcoming 2019-20 MCC Seminar Series with all expenses paid by the MCC! The Top Flash Talk of the competition will receive $5,000 in MCC Shared Resources Services!

*Interested faculty should contact their MCC Program Leaders EARLY to be considered for the competition. One representative from each of the 6 MCC Programs will be selected to compete.

Program Representatives will be selected by MCC Program Leaders no later than Feb. 11th and announced on March 4th.

Please contact Elizabeth Fedie (efedie@umn.edu) with any questions.