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Abstract Competition and Poster Session

Top Abstracts

Congratulations to our Top Abstract winners and kudos to the MCC trainees for their overwhelming participation this year! We received over 160 abstracts, a new symposium record and we have added a third Poster Session to ensure all participants will receive the attention they deserve!

The TOP 3 OUTSTANDING ABSTRACT WINNERS to present a 15-minute talk at the symposium, attend a private lunch with keynote speaker, Elizabeth Jaffee, MD, and receive a $1,500 travel award are:

Aleksandra Alcheva, MD
Mentor: Irina Stepanov, PhD, Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program
Mitochondrial DNA content in oral mucosa cells from African-American and White smokers 

David Haynes, PhD
Mentor: Anne Joseph, MD, Screening, Prevention, Etiology, and Cancer Survivorship
Using GIS to Model Utilization of Breast Cancer Screening Services in Minnesota, 2010-2014 

Adam Burrack, PhD
Mentor: Ingunn Stromnes, PhD, Immunology Program
Multiple resistance mechanisms in pancreatic cancer can be overcome by dual PD-1/PD-L1 blockade 

 The winners rounding out the TOP 10 OUTSTANDING ABSTRACTS who will also attend the private lunch with keynote speaker Elizabeth Jaffee, MD and have a 3 minute flash talk before their poster session are:

Sampreeti Jena, PhD - Developing and Characterizing FLIM Probes to Detect Subcellular Tyrosine Kinase Activity

Abdulaziz Almotlak, MS - Targeting pathways predicted from PAM50 gene signature yields synergistic antitumor effects in NSCLC

Michael Zaiken - Inhibiting EZH2 treats chronic GVHD by disrupting germinal center and plasma cell maturation

Estanislao Peixoto, PhD - Autophagy and HDAC6 mediated ciliary loss increase malignancy on cholangiocarcinoma models

Praveen Kumar - Database sectioning method: Optimization of database composition in proteogenomics & metaproteomics

Can Hekim, PhD - Tyrosine-Kinase Inhibitor and Immune Checkpoint Blockade Synergy in BCR-ABL+ B-ALL Mouse Model

Susheel Kumar Nethi, PhD - Synthetic antigen receptor- mesenchymal stem cells for targeted drug delivery to ovarian tumors

 Poster Guidelines

A title page with presenter, mentor and research program listed, as well as a keywords page with authors and a link to the electronic abstract will be provided by the Masonic Cancer Center at your poster site. 


In addition to these two provided sheets, you may use up to FOUR pages (8½ x 11) to create your poster. We recommend using an easily readable font size and landscape orientation. Suggested information layout is to have a Hypothesis and Approach page, two Data pages and a Conclusions/Next Steps page.

You will need to print your four pages and bring to the symposium. The title page and key words page will be provided at your poster site. Detailed information regarding your poster location, set up timing, etc. will be emailed to you in March.

*If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Fedie at