2018 Ovarian Cancer Research Funding

May 30, 2018

In May 2018, MOCA provided a total of $775,000 to ovarian cancer researchers including a total of $475,000 to four ovarian cancer research projects developed by University of Minnesota researchers.

The 2018 MOCA-funded researchers include:

  • Martina Bazzaro, Ph.D. University of Minnesota. “Targeting of mitochondrial activity to prevent and treat recurrent ovarian cancer.” $75,000 for one year. Spin it Teal Research Award.
  • Carol Lange, Ph.D. and Laura Mauro, Ph.D. University of Minnesota. “Targeting DNA damage sensing protein kinases in hereditary ovarian cancer. $200,000 for two years.
  • Swayam Prabha, Ph.D., MBA. University of Minnesota. “Glycoengineered mesenchymal stem cells for combination chemo and immunotherapy of ovarian cancer. $100,000 for one year.
  • Bruce Walcheck, Ph.D. University of Minnesota. “Engineered natural killer cells expressing chimeric CD64 as a cancer immunotherapy.” $100,000 for one year.