Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research Award


The objective of the Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research Award is to support research in the biology, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and/or treatment of colon cancer.

The award is made possible by the generous support of Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research. The mission of Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research at the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, is to advance the knowledge around the treatment of colon cancer with the hope of improving the quality of life and outcomes for people battling this disease.

Grant Program Contacts

All questions related to the application process, requirements, or eligibility should be directed to:
Susan Fautsch, CRTI/Funding Initiatives Manager

Any questions regarding the applicability of research should be directed to:
Anne Blaes, MD

Previous Grantees


Role of ACKR4 in regulation of immune response in colorectal cancer
Subree Subramanian, PhD, Department of Surgery, Medical School

WAC: A novel colorectal cancer gene and possible therapeutic target
Timothy Starr, PhD, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health, Medical School


Mechanisms Underlying the Tumor Suppressor Role of CFTR in Colorectal Cancer
Patricia Scott, PhD, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Medical School, UMD 


Role of Intercellular Transfer of KRAS in Promoting Colon Cancer Resistance
Emil Lou, MD, PhD, Department of Medicine, Medical School

Developing Personalized, Targeted Therapy for Colorectal Cancer Patients
Tim Starr, PhD, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health, Medical School

Contact Us: 

Susan Fautsch
Internal Grants Program Coordinator
Masonic Cancer Center

Aaron Schilz
Operations Manager
Masonic Cancer Center

David Largaespada, PhD
Associate Director for Basic Sciences


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