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As we begin December, we want to pass along some important lung cancer information as November was Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Immigrants’ gut bacteria “westernize” soon after they move to the U.S., which might influence obesity in immigrants and Americans alike.

Full story via The Atlantic, featuring Daniel Knights, PhD.

Also via NPR

No easy answer

Traditional cigarettes work by simple combustion: when tobacco is lit, it combines with oxygen and creates an inhalable smoke. E-cigarettes, sold by brands including Juul, Blu and Vuse, heat a chemical-­packed liquid that typically contains nicotine and often a flavoring agent, creating an aerosol. By delivering ­nicotine without tar and other nasty by-­products of combustion, e-cigarettes purportedly give smokers a healthier alternative to cigarettes while still satisfying cravings.

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Early Detection Key In Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created to urge women to know their risk. Screening and early detection are important, especially for those who are at a higher risk for breast cancer. 

WCCO's Christiane Cordero reports on how researchers at the University of Minnesota are at the forefront of the battle against breast cancer.

Douglas Yee, M.D.

How cancer research is revolutionizing treatment

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Brain size varies by species. The brain of a hamster weighs about 1 gram. A dog’s brain is typically 5 centimeters in diameter, while the human brain is about three times as large.