News Releases

Lisa Peterson

The Masonic Cancer Center is now part of the Human Health Exposure Analysis Resource (HHEAR) program, a continuation of the groundbreaking Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource (CHEAR).


A new cancer treatment therapy is being tested for the first time in patients at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Manish Patel

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- The University of Minnesota has become the third location in the United States to open a promising cell-based cancer immunotherapy clinical trial for the treatment of advanced solid tumors. The multicentered trial is investigating the safety and activity of a universal, off-the-shelf natural killer (NK) cell product, building off of the groundbreaking NK research done by Jeffrey Miller, MD, Deputy Director of the Masonic Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School. 


Designer molecule will activate the patient's own immune cells to attack cancer

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- September 19, 2019 -The discovery of tri-specific natural killer engagers (TriKE™), a combination protein that bridges an immune cell and a tumor cell to drive tumor cell killing power exponentially, has led to a new Phase I, first-in-human study to treat leukemia. The study is opening exclusively at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, and is being sponsored by GT Biopharma, Inc.


The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota is hosting the first-ever Cancer Center Community Impact Forum (CCCIF) 

Peter Villalta

Peter Villalta, PhD, has been appointed as the Director of the Analytical Biochemistry Shared Resource at the Masonic Cancer Center. After spending over 20 years as the coordinator of the mass spectrometry facility (part of the Analytical Biochemistry Shared Resource) under the leadership and guidance of Drs. Stephen Hecht and Robert Turesky, Villalta will take over leadership of this centralized resource on September 1, 2019. Dr. Turesky is stepping down as the current Director to focus on his research.

Judy Erdahl

The Masonic Cancer Center team is saddened by the loss of Judy Erdahl, a longtime friend, and an advocate of the cancer center.

Judy passed away this morning surrounded by loved ones after a lengthy battle with metastatic breast cancer. She is survived by her husband Steve, and their two adult sons, Luke and Ranen.