Brain Tumor Program: A Translational Working Group

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A Leading Translational Neuro-Oncology Program

The mission of the University of Minnesota Brain Tumor Program (UMBTP) is to continually distinguish itself as a national leader in the field of neuro-oncology by combining the principles of outstanding clinical care and education with cutting edge research. 

The Bench-to-Bedside Approach

As a translational neuro-oncology program, the UMBTP accelerates the flow of information from basic science to the discovery of safer and more effective therapies for central nervous system (CNS) tumors.

This "bench-to-bedside" approach is made possible by the collaboration of strong, multidisciplinary teams who work towards a common goal - curing nervous system tumors using safer and more effective therapies.

A Multidisciplinary Team

The UMBTP consists of many dedicated researchers and clinicians of numerous disciplines and specialties.  These disciplines and specialties include - but are not limited to - cancer genetics, neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, and veterinary medicine.

Canine Brain Tumor Research

The Canine Brain Tumor Clinical Trial Program offers cutting edge therapy for dogs to preserve quality of life and improve long-term survival rates.  The information gathered from treating dogs is used to design similar treatments for people with brain tumors.

canine brain tumor researchAs the Director of the Canine Brain Tumor Program, Dr. Elizabeth Pluhar coordinates collaborations between the medical researchers and veterinarians to diagnose and treat brain tumors in dogs with breakthrough therapies.  She leads the Canine Brain Tumor Trials Program and enrolls pet dogs with spontaneous brain tumors into trials to assess novel therapies.  Eventually, those therapies that are effective in dogs will be translated to help people with brain tumors.