PRF Routing Chain and Dept IDs

MCC PRF Routing Chain and Investigator Dept IDs

mccrd - MCC Research Development Office, Department Admin/Rep
ajohnson - Andrea Johnson, Department Admin/Rep
yeexx006 - Douglas Yee, Department Head
lebie001 – Tucker LeBien, Dean

Please use these Dept IDs when preparing Proposal Routing Forms (PRFs) that include investigators from the Masonic Cancer Center. 

If the MCC investigator does not appear in this table, please contact Elizabeth Fedie for assistance.

Investigator Name

Dept ID


Investigator Name

Dept ID

Balbo, Silvia 11330   Nelson, Heather 11329
Bazzaro, Martina 11325   O'Sullivan, Gerry 11336
Cao, Qing 11332   Ostrander, Julie 11327
DeFor, Todd 11332   Pennell, Christopher 11325
Dehm, Scott 11327   Peterson, Lisa 11330
Hatsukami, Dorothy 11329   Sachdev, Deepali 11327
Hecht, Stephen 11330   Sarver, Aaron 11332
Kassie, Fekadu 11330   Shanley, Ryan 11332
Koehler, Linda 11329   Starr, Tim 1136
Lange, Carol 11327   Stepanov, Irina 11330
Largaespada, David 11326   Temiz, Nuri (Alpay) 11332
Miller, Jeffrey 11328   Turesky, Robert 11330
Lindgren, Bruce 11332   Wang, Jinhua 11332
Luo, Xianghua 11332   Yee, Douglas 11327
Murphy, Sharon 11330      



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Application Deadline: September 30, 2017
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Please contact our Research Development Staff for assistance.

Elizabeth Fedie photoElizabeth Fedie, MPNA
Research Development Manager


Nick LochNicholas Loch
Research Grants Coordinator
760 MCRB


Susan RottschaeferSusan Rottschaefer, MS
RD and Operations Coordinator
760 MCRB