Research Support Services


Research and proposal development

  • Work with faculty to search for and identify funding opportunities
  • Train faculty/staff on pre-award processes including the University's Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) and agency-specific electronic systems
  • Provide resources to aid in the preparation of proposals
  • Communicate U of M and agency policy/procedure changes
  • Assist with planning and preparation of complex projects such as proposals for training grants, center grants, program project grants, etc.
  • Contact funding agency to clarify eligibility, policy, requirements, etc.
  • Identify and obtain appropriate signatures on proposals; act as liaison to other departments on multi-department proposals; maintain and provide data on departmental/divisional proposals and awards
  • Assure that researchers are in compliance with U of M and federal research policies (IRB, IACUC, IBC, RCR, controlled substances, safety training, REPA, etc.)

MCC PRF Routing Chain and Investigator Dept IDs

mccrd - MCC Research Development Office, Department Admin/Rep
ajohnson - Andrea Johnson, Department Admin/Rep
yeexx006 - Doug Yee, Department Head

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.


Please contact our Research Development Staff for assistance.

Elizabeth FedieElizabeth Fedie, MPNA
Research Development Manager

Nicolas LochNicholas Loch
Research Grant Coordinator
760 MCRB