Masonic Cancer Center Science Council

Science Council

In 2009, the Masonic Cancer Center Science Council was created to plan and discuss the overall direction of laboratory-based science. This committee was formed to carefully consider basic research strengths and opportunities, identify our unmet technical needs, direct clinical translation of basic research discoveries, and develop ways to promote effective interprogrammatic collaboration. 

What does the Masonic Cancer Center Science Council do?

  • Plans and organizes the Masonic Cancer Center Seminar Series, Annual Symposium, Internal Grant Program and the Peer Review Program

  • Steers the overall direction of basic science by evaluating research strengths and opportunities, directs clinical translation of basic discoveries, and promotes effective interprogrammatic collaborations

  • Advises the Masonic Cancer Center Executive Committee on strategic faculty recruitments,  invited speaker nominations, strategic funding initiatives (including new pilot grant opportunities), and Shared Resource research needs

  • Evaluate shared services and unmet technological needs

  • Interacts and collaborates with Clinical Research Council (CRC)

  • Oversees the Strategic Action Committees

Who can serve on the Masonic Cancer Center Science Council?

The Masonic Cancer Center Science Council is led by Dr. David Largaespada, Associate Director for Basic Science, and comprised of the MCC Associate Directors, Program Leaders, and Program Delegates. All MCC members are invited to attend the monthly meetings and if you are interested in becoming a program delegate member of the Science Council, please contact for more information. 

When does the Masonic Cancer Center Science Council meet?

Masonic Cancer Center Science Council meetings are held every 1st Tuesday of the month from 10am-11am (immediately following the MCC Seminar) in room 3-150 CCRB. 

For more information regarding the Masonic Cancer Center Science Council, please contact