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Max Huber
Communications & Marketing Manager
Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota

Jessie Alkire
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network

Graphic Design

The standards listed below for use of the Masonic Cancer Center’s name and logo are designed to establish and maintain the Masonic Cancer Center brand across the University of Minnesota and in the public view.

The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota is a vibrant and distinguished entity that adds value to the University and contributes to the wellbeing of people in Minnesota. Its several hundred scientists conduct the full spectrum of cancer research—basic, clinical, and population studies. Its designation by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive cancer center is recognized as the gold standard for cancer research, treatment, and education in the United States and the world. (The Masonic Cancer Center is the only cancer center in the greater Twin Cities region and one of only two in Minnesota to hold this highest level designation.)

Communications—be it the website, a newsletter or brochure, poster or presentation—not only delivers information, but also reflects the Masonic Cancer Center. Often, communications is the first introduction to who we are and what we do. 

Every profession and skill has certain standards, best practices, and accepted ways to do the job right. The same holds true for public relations, communications, and marketing.

The following information provides guidelines to help all of us communicate most effectively about our Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. 

Masonic Cancer Center Name Usage

Masonic Cancer Center Name Usage

In addition to abiding by the University's policy, the Masonic Cancer Center also abides by an agreement signed with Minnesota Masonic Charities in April 2008. This agreement resulted in the renaming of the cancer center and a $65 million gift for cancer research and care.

Correct name usage:

  • Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
  • In the first reference, the name should always be written: the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
  • In the second and subsequent references, the words "Masonic Cancer Center" or "cancer center" in lower case may be written.
  • The research building (425 East River Road) is called: Masonic Cancer Research Building.

NOT correct name usage:

  • University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center
  • University of Minnesota Cancer Center
  • The Cancer Center
  • MCC (This acronym may be used for limited, selective internal communications. The preference always is to write out Masonic Cancer Center or in a second reference, cancer center).

Communications Templates

Communications Templates

Logos, letterhead, slides, poster


The Masonic Cancer Center has a new logo which reflects our collaboration with our clinical partners at University of Minnesota Health. This new logo will help to increase awareness of the Masonic Cancer Center in the community and advance our mission of advancing knowledge and enhancing care. It connects us to University of Minnesota Health and the U of M more broadly, which is a powerful way to increase public awareness about what we do.

This new logo is what all Masonic Cancer Center faculty and staff should use on letterhead, business cards, presentations and posters.
Block M, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota logos, three shown in black and white and the same three shown in Maroon


  • Do not change the colors of the logo
  • Do not add Goldy or other cartoons.
  • Do not copy and paste the logo.
  • Do not distort, stretch or crop logo.
  • Do not obscure logo with other text.

There are four approved styles of the Masonic Cancer Center logo. Low­ (web­-friendly) and high­resolution (print­-friendly) versions of these logos are available upon request; requests should be submitted to the Masonic Cancer Center Communications (mcccom@umn.edu). The words "Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute" should always remain as part of the logo. If there is an occasion where use of that designation indicator is problematic for layout, please contact Masonic Cancer Center Communications to discuss your needs.


A new electronic version of the Masonic Cancer Center’s letterhead is available for members’ official correspondence and can be accessed by contacting mcccom@umn.edu. This can be personalized in the upper right hand corner of the header with a text box that indicates office contact information for individual faculty and staff.

Slide Templates

Templates for PowerPoint presentations are available and should be used for all scientific and administrative presentations by Masonic Cancer Center members. Copies of templates are available on request to mcccom@umn.edu

Scientific Poster Template

The Masonic Cancer Center should be prominent at national and international meetings and conferences to raise our profile and enhance our ability to recruit exceptional faculty and trainees to the University of Minnesota. It is important to  present branded posters at these meetings  and conferences to meet the cancer center's goals. Poster templates can be requested by email to mcccom@umn.edu. Poster presenters who do not use PowerPoint to present posters should replicate the style of our template in the program they use. 

University of Minnesota Policy

University of Minnesota Policy

Use of the University's Trademarks, Logos/Wordmarks, Colors, and Seal

This policy was approved by the Board of Regents and became effective May 2009. It governs the use of all University trademarks for any purpose and applies to the entire University system. Masonic Cancer Center, as part of the University, abides by this policy for its communications.


Electronic colors

Maroon or gold or both should be prominent in any electronic publication color scheme. The official colors are:

Gold: R:255 G:204 B:51 (#ffcc33)
Maroon: R:122 G:0 B:25 (#7a0019)

Print colors

Consider legibility and contrast. Do not use a gold wordmark on a white background or a maroon wordmark on a black background. Do not screen the wordmark or print over it.

Uncoated Paper
      • Gold: Pantone 116U or
      • Gold: C:0 M:16 Y:100 K:0
      • Maroon: Pantone 201U or 
      • Maroon: C:0 M:100 Y:63 K:29
Coated Paper
      • Gold: Pantone 136C or
      • Gold: C:0 M:27 Y:76 K:0
      • Maroon: Pantone 202C or
      • Maroon: C:0 M:100 Y:61 K:43

Visit University Relations for logos specs and downloads, color palette, and template downloads.