Cancer Experimental Therapeutics Initiative (CETI)

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The Cancer Experimental Therapeutics Initiative (CETI) was created in 2008. The purpose of CETI is to help basic and clinical Masonic Cancer Center investigators to achieve our goal of increasing the number of patients enrolled on investigator-initiated clinical trials in the next 5 years. We aim to foster the development of novel experimental therapeutic agents and to facilitate their testing in institutional Phase I/II and IND clinical trials. This initiative will provide targeted investments in promising preclinical or clinical studies, foster mentoring of academic clinically based faculty in the area of experimental therapeutics, strengthen the Masonic Cancer Center's translational research infrastructure, and enhance successful competition for NCI funding.


CETI Director: Sarah Cooley, MD, MS

CETI Administrative Coordinator: Susan Fautsch

CETI Program Manager: Deepa Kolaseri, PhD

Funding and Support

Publication Acknowledgement:

The Cancer Experimental Therapeutics Initiative (CETI) receives support from the National Cancer Institute and Minnesota Masonic Charities. PI's receiving CETI funding and support should acknowledge this support in any publications and presentations: "This work was supported in part by NIH P30 CA77598 and Minnesota Masonic Charities." Please provide us with copies of any publications in which CETI is acknowledged. They may be emailed to