For Researchers

Translational working groups

Translational working groupsThe Translational Working Groups (TWGs) are a mechanism to foster interprogrammatic and translational research to promote new discoveries. TWGs organize Masonic Cancer Center members from various research programs into groups designed to address site-specific cancers, foster collaborations, and provide the necessary scientific and clinical expertise to improve outcomes for the specific disease sites.

Shared resources

Shared resourcesThe Masonic Cancer Center supports researchers by providing access to technologies, services and scientific consultation that help to enhance their scientific productivity. Its designation by the National Cancer Institutes as a comprehensive cancer center provides support for shared resources that can be used by cancer center members.

Research development

Research support servicesThe Masonic Cancer Center promotes cancer research advancement by helping investigators target specific funding opportunities, supporting collaborative team science and facilitating faculty and trainee development and education.

Funding opportunities

moneySince our designation as a comprehensive cancer center in 1997, the number of funded research projects has doubled to over 400 active projects and many of these projects represent collaboration between two or more faculty members.

We've complied a list of funding sources for cancer-related research from the Masonic Cancer Center, the University of Minnesota and external sources.

Investigator resources

beakersA key part of the mission of the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota is to provide access to technologies, services and scientific consultation that facilitate interaction and enhance scientific productivity.  Our investigator groups and resources provide stability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and quality control that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. The Masonic Cancer Center's designation by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive center includes support for many of these resources.

Logo and identity management

Campus identityMasonic Cancer Center’s name and logo are designed to establish and maintain the Masonic Cancer Center brand across the University of Minnesota and in the public view. As members of our research community, we request that you follow the Masonic Cancer Center and University of Minnesota brand guidelines.

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.