How to Participate in the BOOST Osteosarcoma Registry

Step 1. Tell us about yourself.

Complete a simple online form to tell us about yourself and your cancer. 

Fill out the form

Step 2. Give us permission to collect your samples and data.

We will send you a simple kit to collect samples such saliva or blood. Included with the kit will be a form requesting permission to obtain copies of your medical records and some of your stored tumor tissue. We will do the rest — we’ll contact your doctors and hospitals to obtain copies of your medical records and a portion of your stored tumor samples.

Step 3. Forward information about the study on to your family.

For those who are interested we would like to invite biological parents and full biological siblings in the study as well. All we ask is that you consider sending them study materials through the mail or with an electronic link. 

Step 4. Learn with us along the way.

We ask for your permission to stay in contact with you. Throughout the Biology of Osteosarcoma (BOOST) Registry and Biobank we will provide you with updates about the status of the project and share any discoveries that you have enabled us to make. We also may ask you additional questions about your experience to help with future studies.