Minnesota Cancer Alliance

Cancer is now the number one cause of death in Minnesota. The Minnesota Cancer Alliance (MCA) is a coalition of health care organizations, community-based groups, and volunteers that created and is now implementing Cancer Plan Minnesota. The plan provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach for coordinating cancer control and prevention activities in the state. 

Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025 is the state's third comprehensive cancer control plan created to reduce the cancer burden among all Minnesotans. As a framework for action, this plan contains measurable objectives and will help guide the members of the Minnesota Cancer Alliance in their fights against cancer in Minnesota.

Key objectives and strategies focus on the continuum of cancer control from prevention to early detection and treatment to survivorship and end of life. Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025 provides a framework for action for planners, providers, policymakers, the public health community and other advocates playing a key role in bringing Cancer Plan Minnesota to fruition.

The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota is playing a key role in bringing Cancer Plan Minnesota to fruition. The Masonic Cancer Center has an MCA advisory council whose goals are to:

  • Develop communication networks that provide information about the Minnesota Cancer Alliance to Masonic Cancer Center members.
  • Inform members about potential research projects that might lead to funding and papers.
  • Integrate Minnesota Cancer Alliance priorities into Masonic Cancer Center projects.


From mncanceralliance.org

Program Liaison:
Kiara Ellis
Masonic Cancer Center
Email: malon243@umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-4099