Tanya Freedman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Tanya Freedman

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-301-8313

Lab Phone 612-306-6713

Office Address:
3-190 WMBB and 2-106 NHH

PhD, University of California, Berkeley



Research Summary/Interests

Immune cells are tuned exquisitely to identify pathogens and avoid hypersensitivity. In macrophages the Src-family tyrosine kinases (LynA, LynB, Hck, and Fgr) regulate a size sensing mechanism based on their ability to nucleate ITAM receptor clusters. Bacteria and yeast cells are a few microns in diameter, and resulting micron-sized ITAM clusters trigger strong antimicrobial signaling. We are studying how regulation of the Src-family kinases, especially LynA, regulate the receptor-ligand size threshold that sometimes results in macrophage hypersensitivity to smaller stimuli. We are also interested in how LynA and other signaling proteins contribute to macrophage roles in autoinflammation, tumor growth, and antimicrobial responses.


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  • Tan YX, Manz BN, Freedman TS, Killeen N, Zhang C, Shokat K, Weiss A. (2014) "Inhibition of the kinase Csk in thymocytes reveals a requirement for actin remodeling in the initiation of full TCR signaling" Nat Immunol 15(2):186-194.
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  • Freedman TS, Sondermann H, Kuchment O, Friedland GD, Kortemme T, Kuriyan J. (2009) "Differences in flexibility underlie functional differences in the Ras activators son of sevenless and Ras guanine nucleotide releasing factor 1" Structure 17(1): 41-53.
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