Nicholas Levinson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Nicholas Levinson

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-301-1322

Office Address:
NHH 3-121

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

PhD, University of California, Berkeley



Research Summary/Interests

Our group is interested in how protein-protein interactions induce conformational changes at a distance, a phenomenon termed allostery. Allosteric regulation mechanisms that tightly control protein function are widespread in biology, and their disruption is often linked to disease. We use spectroscopic methods such as vibrational and fluorescence spectroscopy to detect these conformational changes in proteins in solution, and x-ray crystallography to determine their structural nature. Projects in the lab include efforts to discover new regulatory mechanisms of this sort in multi-domain signaling proteins, to understand the evolutionary relationships among allosteric mechanisms within families of proteins, and to design small-molecules that control signaling proteins by modulating their conformation in particular ways.