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Post-doctoratal Associates - Analytical Chemist in Environmental Toxicology

Dr. Robert Turesky is recruiting several NIH-funded postdoctoral positions. (2 Positions)

Position 1: An experienced analytical mass spectrometrist is sought to develop and validate biomarkers of exposures to environmental and dietary carcinogens, and their DNA adducts in cells and humantissues. The research requires derivatization chemistry for tagging biomarkers to enhance analyte detection by LC/MS or GC/MS and mass spectrometric characterization of biomarkers in complex biological matrices. The candidate is expected to work semi- independently in LC/MS development  and  validation  of  DNA  adduct  biomarkers employing triple quadrupole, ion trap and high resolution MS instruments, and GC/MS to measure volatile toxicants in tobacco smoke. 

A Ph.D. with research in Bioanalytical Chemistry  employing  LC/MS  or  GC/MS  is  required.  The candidate must have a strong training  in  analytical  chemistry  and  chemical  derivatization and LC/MS or GC/MS experience. Hands-on-training in LC/MS of biomolecules, sample preparation and workup are required. Experiences in qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomarkers, trace-level analysis of biomolecules in vivo, and cell culture experience are preferred.

Position 2: A second post-doctoral position is available for exposomic and metabolomic studies on chemicals in the environment and diet that contribute to bladder and prostate cancer. We are seeking a bioanalytical mass spectrometrist with experience in metabolomics and chemometrics to define non-genotoxic mechanisms that chemicals in tobacco smoke and cooked meat diet impact bladder and prostate cell homeostatis

A  Ph.D.  with  research  in  Bioanalytical  Chemistry   employing   LC/MS   with   exposomics   and metabolomics approaches, and data analysis with chemometrics are required for this postion. Training in cell culture work is preferred.

Interested individuals must apply online by going to and searching for job opening 328946. Please upload a cover letter, CV and contact information for references.

 The University of Minnesota is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.


Support Scientist- Environmental Toxicology

 Dr. Robert Turesky is recruiting a supporting scientist to perform structured research-related work assignments for projects regarding carcinogen biomarkers development and validation, and mechanistic bioactivation of carcinogens in human. With instruction, guidance and direction, the Researcher 1 will isolate and purify DNA from biofluids, frozen tissues, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue blocks, perform liquid-liquid/solid-phase extraction, and/or work with cell culture and animals (rodents). General laboratory operation and maintenance. Ordering supplies, record keeping, keeping the lab cleaned, computer based data entry, and miscellaneous duties as assigned.

 Required Qualifications: 

  • B.S. degree in chemistry or one of its sub-disciplines; or education in the specific or related field of science and work experience related to the job totaling at least four years in combination.
  • A solid background in coursework in general chemistry, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry with GC/MS or HPLC, with experience in cell culture, immunocytochemistry, PCR, qRT-PCR, western blots, and cDNA synthesis
  • Selected candidate must be able to work neatly and efficiently, and follow the established standard operation procedure strictly.

Interested individuals must apply online by going to: and searching for job opening 329411. Please upload a cover letter, CV and contact information for references.